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The Rescue Barn is a private rescue group intended to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home molossers/mastiff breeds in need. Our Rescued Dogs stay in our personal care in the comfort of our home from the time of surrender to the time of adoption and are an immediate part of our Rescue Rehabilitation Training Program. We accept into our Program very few dogs at a time to dedicate proper attention, focus and rehabilitation to each resident until rehoming. To visit our Available Dogs, please inquire about submitting an application to be considered for potential adoption and call for an appointment. Please browse thru the "ADOPTABLE" pages. All dogs listed on our pages are currently Available for Adoption.



Inspired by over 25 years of dedication as a Breeder of Majestic Champion Bullmastiffs, our Rescue Barn is a program set up to assist owners of Bullmastiff and other Molosser/Mastiff-type breeds who can no longer keep or house their animal due to unfortunate circumstances. Our Rescue Program offers assistance thru evaluation, foster care and eventual placement for mastiff breeds in need of care, rehabilitation or environmental change.

We accept and house a small number of animals at one time and welcome new dogs when there is appropriate space and available time for our attention. We do our very best to assist in urgent cases when owners have no other alternatives or when dogs are facing shelter/veterinary euthanasia. Please have continued patience when surrendering a Bullmastiff or other Molosser breed to our Exclusive Program, our evaluation process does take time as we focus on safety and what is best for the animal involved.

Our Rescue Barn has available for adoption Molosser Breeds who have become homeless, have successfully completed our Rescue Rehabilitation Program and are ready for placement. Our dogs range in age from youngsters to adults. Very rarely will we have a puppy under a year old available.

Homeless mastiffs/molossers are found in shelters, surrendered by their owners, abandoned at vets or kennels or picked up as strays. Once they are individually evaluated for health and/or temperament concerns and are accepted into our Rescue Barn Program, our Rescue Residents go thru an extensive rehabilitation process including retraining, nutritional adjustments, exercise and re socialization prior to being posted to our web sites as "Available for Adoption" pages. Many of our dogs can be viewed on Facebook as they progress thru the program prior to being available as well as updating their availability and needs. Visit our Rescue Barn page on Facebook. Each of our dogs are also given their own individual page on Facebook for ease of potential adoptive homes to visit just one dog and watch his or her progress, videos and photos.

Once available for placement our Rehabilitated animals have a clear understanding of proper manners and have been trained according to their rehabilitation needs and temperament concerns. All of our Available Dogs have been vetted, vaccinated and microchipped and are spayed or neutered prior to placement.

The Rescue Barn is located in Connecticut and currently provides Rescue, Rehabilitation, Re socialization and Re-homing assistance for animal companions in Connecticut and the immediate surrounding states. Many of our dogs spend a significant amount of time on Cape Cod for a one-on-one retreat during their initial rehabilitation and re training prior to availability.

We can offer and arrange transportation for surrendering, evaluation and adoptions or referrals outside of Connecticut. To inquire about Adoption of one of our Available Rescue Dogs please submit an inquiry to




  Adoption/Surrender Inquiries to:

Mary Hannigan, Rescue Barn 860-946-9538



BPP Rescue Barn        I        CONNECTICUT and most NEW ENGLAND areas       I        phone: 860.946.9538



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